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Who do you want to

Building your next chapter starts with exploring your potential, clarifying who you want to be and designing a plan to help you realise your vision.


What freedom needs to be

If you are looking to take your power back, expand your freedom and build a life you love living, let's map the steps to help you get there.

The most successful people don’t level up alone. They have a coach_


Thumiso is a realistic, versatile and empathetic coach with a knack for challenging the status quo and flexibility that allows you to see hidden gems within your own profile.

Peter Makiwa
Director, Vitality America

Working with Thumiso, I implemented practical methods for prioritizing my workload, engaging my team and rebuilding confidence by focusing on my strengths.

Nicci Netshivungulu
Owner, The Sales Hub

It's difficult not to default to superlatives in describing the value that Thumiso has delivered by coaching me through two of the most dramatic inflexion points in my career.

Andile Masuku
Head of Community, Founders Factory

Instead of focusing on my weaknesses, Thumiso maximised my strengths and allowed me to dream bigger for myself. That is something you cannot put a price tag on.

Labeeqah Antonie
Content Queen
thumiso masoha

Freedom Coach


linah masoha

Strengths Coach

Linah Masoha

trudi du toit

Leadership Coach

Trudi du Toit

Executive Coach

Paul Nyamuda

Get clarity & direction + -

Understand your unique profile and break through your limitations. Create a MAP to help you navigate your career and stay motivated along the way.

Maximise your strengths + -

Use your strengths to tap into the passion, courage and confidence you need to rise above any challenge that life throws at you.

Refine your leadership skills + -

Learn how you uniquely persuade, inspire and connect with others. Lead in a way that frees them to build scale and value.

Become a Corporate Legend + -

Get expert guidance to help you transform your thinking and stand out. Build confidence, find your voice and go to your next leadership level.

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