On a Mission: Khanya


This 9-year-old loves reading. Here’s why she’s on a mission to get more books into schools in South Africa.
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Poem by Xolani Ngwenyama

Thy gift brings thee before the presence of the great
Before the presence of the magnificent as thy life call thou embrace
Faithfully she brings forth the outcome of her deeper yearning
As she shares the consequences of her learning
Is it because she is the light of the world
Young daughter she tells a story never before unheard
Is it because she possesses in her deeper being the light
Young and free, impacting because the time is right
To bring knowledge to quench the thirst of the thirsty
To reveal the pleasures hidden within the insight of literacy
Within a manufactured tree it hides
When revealed it fills the heart with pride
Education, Knowledge, Light
Carry the burden and Bring it to the open
Illuminate the hearts that know not
And untie all of the old knots
With the light of education
Immerse the minds in clarification
The Light
The Light that Shines in your name
Do carry it without shame
The spark in your eye , The eloquence in your speech, the vision your bear
the vision your bear to liberate those by absence of resources
are trapped under the darkness of illiteracy
Did you carry this from infancy?
She says “I saw other schools don’t have books and they are struggling to read, so I say hmmm, let
me think about it I will make a company and I will start to donate books”
She said it, she did it
Wisdom deep within purposed out to bring
One night was not too young for thousands
Age not a limit to raise two thousands
Sound the call bringing together the old and the young
Raising thousands just at the right time
You say, it aint none my business
Nine year old mean business
Dream come true
She stays true
To the Light to shine
In generations to come
Light on Khanya
Light on Khanya